Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Antwone Fisher Story

I can so relate to the Antwone Fisher Story! It is honestly the best movie ever made in America. An inspiring story about a young Black man, who defeats everyone that tries to destroy him. We can all relate to Antwone as he searches within and finds the little child inside. "Who will cry for the little boy, that cries himself to sleep?" Man the movie is so powerful! My favorite by far. The best words from the movie are... "No matter what you tried 2 do 2 me. You couldn't destory me! I'm still standing! I'm still strong! And I always will be!" Man those are some powerful words. If you have not seen the movie yet, better go buy it and watch it at least once a week... It will forever change your life!


mrholmes said...

sounds like a good movie. I'll have to go and get it sometime. very inspirational and motivating

maverick said...
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